"Witchprickers" is an anthology comic consisting of pretty much whatever I feel like cartooning on any given day. In general, it cycles between five major recurring plotlines:

Witchprickers - The story of a witch and her familiar living in medieval Germany and dealing with all the witch hunts, superstition, and black plague that entails.

Church Cat - The story of a religious cat, tasked by a cruel deacon to keep his church's vestibule vermin free, but who would rather hold theological discussions with his prey than eat them.

Doom Town - In an alternate reality totally unlike our own, the United States is ruled as a fascist theocracy. And only one chunky pock-marked teenage girl can save it...

Rule, Britannia - The history of the Wankingshire Puddlesluts, England's premiere coed amateur Scrumby league team. What's Scrumby, you ask? Only the single most ridiculously violent full-contact sport in the world.

Dark Continent - Mystery is afoot is colonial Africa. A mysterious mystery in an untamed land!