By Agouti-Rex

I'll bet you'd love to talk to Agouti-Rex, wouldn't you? Well, he'd love to hear from you! Here are some ways to find Agouti-Rex on the web:

Email: Thenewmeat[at] (Please put "witchprickers" in the subject line, so I know that you're not the king of Nigeria. Thank you! )
AIM: Greatbrain01
Twitter: TheNewMeat
Livejournal: Fly Agaric
Comicspace: Galago
Deviantart: Galago
Furaffinity: Agouti-Rex
More Comicgenesis!: The Fantastical Bestiary
Webcomics Nation: Fantasmaquarium
Lulu: Agouti-Rex's Store front

Or just go back to Witchprickers and enjoy more comical goodness. I know I will!