By Agouti-Rex

Church Cat is a cat that lives in a church. He has many ideas about the nature of faith and religion. A cruel deacon has instructed Church Cat to keep the vestibule vermin free - but Church Cat would rather discuss pressing issues of modern theology with the local vectors than mercilessly kill them.

Rat Jew is a Jewish rat. He sometimes feels that Church Cat does not make sufficient effort to understand the tenants of his religion. Rat Jew is rather crotchety and short-tempered but he has a good heart. He has a strained relationship with Church Cat, seeing as how Church Cat is a predator and all. Also, because of religious differences.

Atheist Roach is a cockroach who does not believe in any higher powers. He feels that religion often does not have all the answers that its adherents says it does. For fun, he likes to take mind-altering drugs, have pre-marital sex with multiple partners of multiple genders and have abortions. Since Atheist Roach does not believe in God and thus has no moral rudder in his life, he is able to randomly change gender depending on the needs of the joke.

Islamabird is a Muslim bird. He has no sense of humor and also considers the depiction of animals in pictoral form to be blasphemy.

Mormon Mole is a mole who belongs to Church of Latter Day Saints. He is currently on his mission.

Blessed Bee is a pagan bee. She honors the sky goddess with her moon flow every other fortnight.

Beelzebunny is the devil. She is evil.


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