A teenage girl living in New Babylon, Maryland. Shelby tries to be a good Christian, but she's soft-hearted and easy to lead astray. That, plus a tendency to rationalize, makes her easily suseptible to temptation. She rescued Ragamuffin from imprisonment because she thought that his torment was unchristian, and also because she thought she could get some free Mammon Mountain tickets out of it.

Ragamuffin is a low imp, a third rank tempter graduated from the Infernal College of Tartarus with a major in sloth and a minor in gluttony. He's currently living with Shelby while trying to tempt her into a life of sin, because, well, that's what he does. Previous to his rescue by Shelby, Ragamuffin was imprisoned in a pandemonium cube for ten years by government witchfinders.

Angelhair Horchata is Shelby's best friend. Although she sometimes seems a little wishy washy, she's actually got a much stronger will than her chunky friend and vehemently dislikes Shelby's rationalizations. She does not trust Ragamuffin. She is also a good Christian.

Shadwell is a witchfinder who gave a presentation at Shelby's school. He professes to be a Christian, but mostly likes it as an excuse to push people around; he's also something of a pervert. His duties include finding and arresting suspected witches, Jews and homosexuals.

Krank is another witchfinder, an associate of Shadwell's. He seems to take his job less seriously than Shadwell. He also has a bee fetish.

A senior witchfinder personally tapped by the Grand Inquisitor to find and apprehend Ragamuffin, Penny Prickeares was originally responsible for capturing Ragamuffin in the first place ten years ago. She's the best witchfinder in the business, despite her terrible secret -- she's the world's only out-of-the-closet atheist. Well, I guess that's not really a secret at all, is it? Prickeares has a special dispensation from the Overpope to be an atheist, because she's useful to have around to do all those things that a Christian would refuse to do out of fear of eternal damnation. Her skin is green partly because, uh, it's totally symbolic of her status as an outsider but mostly because it looks cool. She is the Roger Klotz of her world.

Shelby's little brother Caliban is a fanatical bully who likes to rat out "undesirables" to the government. He's a junior witchfinder, which, in his world, is an organization that's something like a cross between the Boy Scouts and the Hitler Youth. He's based on Bobby from Jack Chick's "The Last Generation."

Shelby's dad Douglas is mostly known for his terrible "dad-style" humor. Don't pull his finger.

Mercedes is a girl at school who constantly picks on Shelby. She is dating Chip Nimrod. No one knows what happened to her eye.

Chip Nimrod is a gentle giant and a sensitive soul, much too nice to be dating that bitch Mercedes. Shelby has an unrequited crush on him, mostly because he's sometimes nice to her. Chip's nickname is "The Beast" due to his prowess on the football field.


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